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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Customized Duct Fabrication in Bowling Green

hvac ducts
Duct fabrication is manufacturing the ducts used by HVAC units. These parts, which are pressed from sheet metal, come in different types, including standard, spiral or rectangular. Commercial and residential air conditioning and heating installation includes new ductwork, and in some cases the metal must be stamped and formed in custom sizes to fit within a building’s ceiling or wall space. Abe Service Company handles duct fabrication in Bowling Green, and we can manufacture the ventilation material you need for your next construction job, even for larger building projects.

Quality Ventilation for Your Home or Office

Ductwork has numerous applications. It is used to route the cool air of an air conditioner and the warm air of a heater from the base units into the building. It also works in an exhaust capacity by routing air being forced from, for example, a stove fan, to the outside. Your ventilation system is not complete without ducts, which is why they play such a crucial role in the efficient operation of the unit. If your ducting is worn down, splits at the seams or has holes in it, the airflow can escape the conduits. This means the full air pressure isn’t being carried into your home or business, and the heating and cooling units must work too hard to keep the indoor temperature where you’ve set the thermostat.

Fast Repair & Installation

Abe Service Company handles sheet metal fabrication for many needs in Bowling Green. We also work in air conditioner and heater repair. In fact, we can stamp out the metal we need for your fix or new install, and we’re happy to work with the custom shapes and sizes that you need. Call us today at 270-842-6125.